Friday, 28 June 2013

Reading Kids Revisions

A few changes have been happening in the graphics pond! We have revised some of our 'kids' sets for a fun fresh look for your back-to-school resources. These revisions are available for FREE for people that have purchased the sets in the past, however a new set  of Terms-of-Use are included. You are free to use the images you originally purchased under the original TOU, but if you choose to download these free revisions, they are bound by the ToU I established in January 2013. The only difference is an inclusion that you must embed the images so that they are not easily extracted or copied from the file you are making. 

Our new Guided Reading Kids set...

to replace this one...

Our new Reading Duos (kids sitting EEKK)....

to replace these originals..

And our original 'We Heart Books" set..

Has a fun new look!

By request, I am currently working on a new 'feelings' set of stick kids that have different facial expressions. If you have a request, be sure to let me know!

If you would like a set of cute kids that can be used on a wide variety of resources, check our new "Basic" pack that includes 52 little guys to brighten up  your work!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x


  1. i love the stick kids.

  2. Love the new reading duos... too cute!! You have been busy Mel- I've noticed a ton of things in my 'my purchases' has been updated- you must have a ton of energy :)

  3. These are so gorgeous!! I think that I might have to invest in some of your clipart.