Thursday, 18 September 2014

More Goodies for the Addicts!

Hi again friends! 

Just stopping by to show you 2 more free sets for my Clipart Addicts.

These sets are FREE for you until September 30th 2014!

They are waiting for you in Facebook! If you are a non-FB addict, then just email me! 

Have a great day friends, and I will see you back here very soon!

- Mel x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Clipart Addicts Super Giveaway!

It is well and truly time for the September Super Giveaway friends. This is a monthly giveaway for people in my 'Clipart Addicts' group. To find our more about it, read this page HERE

The prize is usually a month of clipart. I have had a slow clipart month friends, with lots going on in my 'real' life, and not made as many sets as I usually do.

AND I am late in posting this giveaway. Very late.

I have the best followers in the world, and you were very nice to me in saying that it did not matter. But, I tell you what, it matters to me! I like to keep my promises. 

So, instead of choosing just one winner this month - every addict is a winner!

 I am spoiling you with exclusive freebies for a few weeks!

This is the one I have for addicts today: Scrappy Mini Pencils! It is already in the Facebook group, and if you are an addict, and not on FB, please just email me for them - 

They are free for Clipart Addict members until September 30th 2014. 

In addition to that, one lucky addict will be able to go on a shopping spree and choose $50 worth of clipart from TpT! 

So many people have left lovely messages of thanks, and I do appreciate them all, BUT I appreciate YOU more. Thank YOU for having the addicts button for OUR group on your blog! It means a lot to me, and this is just my way of saying thank you! 

If you are an addict, please enter the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are not an addict, I will not forget you at all. I love you too, and have a month of surprises planned for you for October! 

Have a great day friends, thanks so much for your support!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Scribble Apple & Scrappy Horses

Hi friends, I have another freebie for my Clipart Addicts today - a 'Scribble Apple' set! If you are in the Facebook group, it is waiting for you already. If not, just email me with a link to your blog and I will send them through.

They are free for Clipart Addict members until September 30th 2014

I have listed a set of 'Scrappy Horses' in my TpT store. I will update it through the week to include a cowgirl and cowboy as well, which were a request. 

I am donating all the profits from this set to Race Horse Reclaim Thoroghbread Rescue. 

Race Horse Reclaim is dedicated to the rehabilitation, re-homing, and retiring of ex race horses.

As you can imagine, feeding all those horses is pricey, and hopefully these funds will help a little. The set is also on sale for the next day or so. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!

- Mel x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clipart Addicts Exclusive - Day 2

I have another exclusive freebie for my Clipart Addicts today! It's in the Facebook group already, but if you are an addict and not in the group, please email me for the set!

They are free for Clipart Addict members until September 30th 2014

Have a great day friends! 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fun Fall Freebies!

Happy weekend friends!

Thank you for being wonderful blog followers! You can find these exclusive  Fun Fall Papers here on my blog! 

They will coordinate nicely with my Fall Stick Kids

Click to find them in Google Drive HERE

I also have a Stick Kid exclusive that is just for Clipart Addicts, if you are an addict, you will find this in the Facebook group files tab, or just email me for it. Please include a link to your blog with your email. I love you all dearly, but with now over 200 clipart addicts, it is hard to remember the blog details for everyone, and just makes things faster if you include a link.

They are free for Clipart Addict members until September 30th 2014

That is it for today, I will be back soon with the September Super Giveaway! 

Mel x

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Be Green

A little thought for the day...

Be green in a world of pink! 

I had a request on my to-do list for some brown spiders, so I made this set recently. They are now on TpT, and have been listed at an introductory sale price. You can find them HERE

And here is a little free doodle frame for being an awesome blog follower - just click and save to snag it! 

Thanks so much for visiting - have a great day!

- Mel x

Friday, 29 August 2014

New Sets, an Addicts Freebie and a Flash Freebie!

How has your week been? As usual, mine has been a blur! Can you believe it is almost the end of August?! 

I mean, really!?

I made these little guys today, and they just burst onto my page!

They are FREE for you, in my TpT store for a few days only! Find them by clicking on the image below! I have a whole set planned, but I wanted to get these to you today!

I have also created a 'fall/autumn' version of my Teacher Maker Set! It is Set #3

You can find Set #1 HERE


Set #2 HERE

I have changed the styles AND colours of every file in the set, to give them a fresh, contemporary 'fall' feel! 

Here are the colours I used:

And a couple of the sets, up close:

This Teacher Maker set is FREE for clipart addicts until Sepetmebr 15th 2014! 

If you are in the Facebook group, it is already waiting for you! If not, email me to grab your copy. 

To be a clipart addict, you must join by adding a button to YOUR teacher/classroom blog! 

To find out more read HERE

Here are a few more of my sets:

Scrappy Crow

Fall Fun Kids

and Scrappy Apple Time!

Find all of them inn my TpT store, by clicking on any or all of the images!

Thank you so much for stopping by friends - have a great Friday! 

- Mel x