Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I am Thankful for Home!

Hi there friends,

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin again today for a week of giving thanks. Today, we are blogging about something beginning with 'H' that we appreciate. 

For me, it was easy - home! That and the 'hubby' I suppose! But home is way more fun to draw!

I have always been a homebody, and my mum's favourite story to tell is that growing up, all I ever said was 'when can we go home?'. 

I am so blessed to have a safe home filled with beautiful memories and my most favourite people in the world. I have made this little free 'Stick Kids Home' clipart set for you. It is a limited edition freebie, so grab in from my TpT store NOW! 

Head over to Blog Hoppin' to find more posts! 

A huge congratulations to Wendy from Read with me ABC - the winner of the November Super Giveaway! Thank you to all my clipart addicts. The December giveaway will be here in just a few short days, so stay tuned!

Read with Me ABC

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November Super Giveaway

Hi clipart friends! 

If you are a 'Clipart Addict' you can grab these two sets for FREE. My new 'Rudolph shapes'

and an 'exclusive' - Santa Write, Cut & Glue!

You can find them in the Clipart Addicts Facebook group, or if you are not in the group, just email me! 

Clipart addicts, you are also eligible to enter the 'super draw' for November. I am doing a voucher this month again! Good luck!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today :)

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Sets and a Freebie

Hi there friends!

I have a set of bordered digi papers for you to snapple up for free today! Yes - FREE! They will be free until October 31 for everyone! 

Click on the image below to find them in my TpT store.

Also freely available to Oct 31, is my new "Spider Stick Kids' set. This set is exclusively-free to Clipart Addicts only. Please email me if you have the 'I Heart Clipart' button on your blog and I will send you the set. If you are in the Facebook group, you can find them waiting for you. Intrigued? Read about the Clipart Addicts HERE

Also newly listed this week, are the following sets:

Gift Stick Kids:

Twenty Frame Stick Kids:

and Stamping Stick Kids:

If you have my 'growing bundle' called "Scrappy October" you will find it newly updated with some scrappy goodness. It is almost full! This has been so much fun, and YES I will do a Scrappy November - so stay tuned! 

Thanks so much for your continued support my friends, have a great day! 

- Mel x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

OctoberFun Update!

Hi my friends, 

I wanted to make sure that you have found these freebies in my TpT store - in celebration of OctoberFun!

They will be free for October only, so grab them now! You can find all of them by clicking on the thumbnails. 

Check out this link up to find wonderful clip artists joining in on the fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Mel x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Halloween Banner - OctoberFun Freebie

I am celebrating October (what a fun month!) AND a love of clipart, by combining the two! Welcome to Octoberfun!

Find random goodies and celebrations here on my blog, in my TpT store and on Facebook!

Today, you can grab this 'Halloween Banner' from Google Drive, simply by clicking on the image below:

I was telling some other 'TpT Clip-Artists' about Octoberfun, and they want to join in too! The more fun the better I say! If you have a clipart store on TpT and would like to join in, please add your link below. Please make sure that wherever you link to, shows this button, or an 'Octoberfun' button you have made yourself! 

Thank you friends and fellow artists - have a great day!

Be sure to look through this growing collection of links for more great Octoberfun!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Hello October!

All rightly my sweets, buckle up, cause I have a lot to get through! 

If you did not catch the news last month, I surprised my clipart addicts with a couple of weeks of daily freebies! Here are the sets they got for free! 

If you were a recognized 'Clipart Addict" (i.e. you emailed me to join BEFORE September 30 2014) - you are entitled to these free sets! If you are an addict, but not in Facebook, and you missed any of these, please just email me!

If you are just interested in joining today, I am sorry, but these sets are now unavailable as freebies. But stay tuned, because there is more fun to come!

Thank you to everyone for all your lovely messages of appreciation. I had a ball making these sets - thank YOU for being an 'addict'!

The second piece of exciting news is that it is time for the October super giveaway! 

This is a monthly give-away open for all Clipart Addicts. If you would like to be an addict, just put the button on your blog and you can enter the draw! 

Now, because all of you basically already have everything I listed in September, I cannot offer you a prize of the 'September Sets' - sooooooo again this month, the prize is a $50 open order! 

Enter the rafflecopter below with your blog details:

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Good luck my friends!

My clipart addicts not only get to enter the draw each month, but I give them exclusive freebies at least twice a month (sigh, the daily freebies is NOT something that happens all the time unfortunately). 

To kick off October, my addicts can receive my new "Scrappy Fire Cuties" for free. Its in the FB group already, but once again, if you are an addict and not in the group, just email me. 

Now for my fabulous followers that do not blog, and are not addicts,  I promised you a month of fun for October! Let's begin 'Octoberfun'!

Making the daily freebies for my addicts reminded me so much of the Graphics Club I ran in 2012, and I have to say, I kind of miss it! So I am going to do a month of 'scrappy clipart' for October!

Each day I will add a new 'scrappy' clipart to the set, and it will keep growing until October 31 2014. Every image will be in color and line art. They will be random doodles from my sketchbook and hopefully provide you with a good all round hodgepodge of scrappiness. Clear as mud??!

I am giving you the chance today, to grab this set from TpT for just $3.95! The regular price will be $10. 

Find it by clicking on the rather empty looking thumbnail below! I am itching to get that filled up, let me tell you!

Now, I did promise a whole month of fun, so it won't stop there. Keep checking here on my blog, in my TpT store, and on my Facebook page for random and fun freebies through the month! 

You can find this free scrappy spider in google drive, by clicking on the image below!

Now - THAT - was a post and a half! Thank you so much for bearing with me, if you managed to get through down to here! 

Thank you so much for your support, and for visiting my blog - have a great day! 

- Mel x

Friday, 26 September 2014

More Goodies for Addicts!

Hi there friends,

I am deeply sorry that I have not posted about these before today - we had one of our most dearest family members leave for heaven this week, so it has all been a little bit of a muddle around here. 

Here are the freebies I gave to my Clipart Addicts through the week. If you are an addict and not in the FB group, please email me at, with a link to your blog. 

Scrappy Pirates

Scrappy Label Kids

Scrappy Candy

Scrappy Turkeys 

These sets are exclusively free to Clipart Addicts only, until September 30th 2014.

Thanks so much for stopping by today

- Mel x